Traveling with your pet can be stressful on both owners and their pets. We have created this page to provide our clients with as much information as possible regarding traveling with your pet. Below are links and contact information where you can find information about specific documents that need to be completed prior to getting on an airplane with your furry friend. Different states/countries require different documentation and requirements. It is important to start the process of fulfilling these requirements as soon as you make the decision to bring your pet to another state/country. Some countries or states require rabies titers, rabies vaccinations and microchipping many months prior to your travel date. If documentation, blood tests, vaccinations and other specific requirements are not met, your pet can be quarantined or detained upon arrival of your destination. It is the responsibility of you, the owner of the pet, to fulfill the specific requirements of their destination, but our staff will do our best to accommodate you to fulfill these needs. Each of our doctors are USDA accredited and will ensure that your pet is safe enough for travel, discuss medications, review your pet's vaccination history, and sign official documentation necessary for travel. 

Here are a few first steps to take before you travel with your pet:

1. Start by visiting the USDA APHIS website to look up specific requirements for your destination of travel. Some destinations require 3-6 months of planning and testing prior to travel, so please come prepared for your appointment. Microchip information, vaccination certificates, titers, medication administration, blood tests and examinations sometimes need to be done prior to travel.  

2. Please contact the USDA APHIS veterinary services 389 Oyster Point Blvd Suite 2, South San Francisco, CA 94080. (650) 876-9358. Fax (650) 876-9008 if necessary. You can contact them via email at sfo.port.service[email protected].            

3. Call your airline or go to their website to find out the details regarding health certificates and requirements for pet travel. Each airline has a different time frame with regards to how early you can have the health certificate signed before travel and how many days the certificate is valid for. 

4. If your pet was vaccinated for rabies or microchipped at a clinic other than Arguello Pet Hospital, please make sure to provide us with the rabies certificate and microchip information. You can either bring the certificate with you or email us at [email protected]

5. Please provide Arguello Pet Hospital with the address and phone number of your destination when you call to schedule your initial appointment. 


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