Our volunteer for the day and the next generation of veterinarians!

Our mobile radiologist, Dr. Sam Silverman, ultrasounding an elephant in China

Dr. Donna Wolfe 

Dr. Justin Bonetto

Our technician, John, cuddling with a miniature schnauzer puppy

Dr. Vanessa Reeves examining a sweet puppy patient of hers

Dr. Hathaidharm getting ready to start her laparoscopic spay

Our RVT Gloria and Dr. Jamie Ina at our Sunday rabies clinic at Animal Care and Control doing community service work

Dr. Chalaporn Hathaidharm loving her gorgeous patient

John, Diana, Joanna and Rob

Halloween 2016 - Our RVT Rob with one of our most beloved patients, Chance!

Dr. Mara Weiss with her two cuddly yorkie puppy patients

Group shot!!

Victor and Nassim in our dentistry suite!

Victor using the ultrasonic scaler while Dr. Melissa Jacobs monitors her patient

Neetha and Ingrid restrain a puppy for a vaccination

Luisa and Neetha give subcutaneous fluids to a patient

Dr. Melissa Jacobs getting ready to start her surgery! 

Stephanie and Luisa positioning a patient for digital whole body xrays

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